Alone in Babylon – Big Wheel Magazine review

The sophomore release of New York’s own F-Units is one for the masses as it is as slick and shiny as they come. “Alone in Babylon” showcases this bands talent for writing catchy songs that are radio friendly yet still strikingly deep and full of life. One might think that lead vocalist Scott Bellina is a long lost brother of Green Day’s Billy Joe Armstrong as their melody enriched vocal stylings are incredibly similar and present on every track where big sing along accompany every rhythm.

Unlike an ordinary rock record, “Alone in Babylon” has it all musically with frequent use of outside instrument’s like violin, harmonica, piano and trumpet, which gives quite and atmospheric sound to the record. Think of a musical marriage between Green Day (edgy pop rock) and the Briggs and you may just find the F-Units sound. What may come as a surprise to all is that this project was completely DIY and self supported by the band themselves, with no major label help this record is truly a masterpiece and accomplishment in itself. It’s a clear demonstration that if no one is going to do it for you, you’re just as capable for doing it on your own, your own way. If this album doesn’t help propel the F-Units into rock stardom and a full time touring cycle in support of, then it is likely nothing will, this is clearly this bands lucky star.

Standout Tracks are “Alone in Babylon”, “Lipstick Traces” and “Rebel Songs”. Be on the lookout! The F-Units are on the rise.

See it online here.

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