Tommy Unit LIVE! #14 – October 24, 2010

Thanks to everyone who tuned in for this week’s broadcast!

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Luck of the Draw – Pinup Girl
The Dwarves – That’s Rock’n’Roll
The Ramones – Rock and Roll High School
Social Distortion – Gotta Know the Rules
Towers of London – Seen It All
The Hellacopters – Misantropic High
F-Units – Lipstick Traces
The Waldos – Party Lights
Blackout Shoppers – Beerhead
World War IX – Living the Dream (Drinking All Day)
Peter Pan Speedrock – We Want Blood!
NOFX – Jaw-Knee Music
Turbo ACs – Thunderbolt
The Delstars – Ride the Wild Tube
Chixdiggit – Hemp Hemp Hooray
The Supersuckers – Must’ve Been High
The Detroit Cobras – 99 1/2 Just Won’t Do
The Muffs – Big Mouth
DGeneration – She Stands There
The Donnas – Take It Off

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