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Tommy Unit LIVE!! #466

October 7th 2020. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #466……TONIGHT we premiered the upcoming Mud City Manglers album! RPR Band Submissions, Tributes, New Releases, and more!! Spaghetty Town Records, Beluga Records, Ghost Highway Recordings, Rum Bar Records, Cleopatra Records, Avenue Recordz, Sound Flats records, Surfin’ Ki Records, and Mom’s Basement Records!! Turn it up! Tommy Unit LIVE!! 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!


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Mud City Manglers – Give Me the Hammer
Criminal Kids – Little Bitch
Fast Eddy – Lost
Motosierra – Todo va a salir mal
Pale Lips – Show Me Another Way to Your Heart
Killer Hearts – 24-7 Action
The Peawees – Wild About You
Cromm Fallon – Breathe The Air
Jittery Jack & Amy Griffin On Guitar – Let’s Get Loose
Natalie Sweet – Lip Service
Mud City Manglers – Bring It Down
Mud City Manglers – Twist And Burn
Adolescents – Just Say Yes (The Dickies)
The Sino Hearts – Mandarin A-GOGO
Brad Marino – Outsider
The Vapids – You’re Tearin’ Me Apart
The Vapids – Lucy Potato
MAGA Youth – Wake Up America
MAGA Youth – Trump’s In
Mud City Manglers – Better off Dead