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Tommy Unit LIVE #84 – March 6th, 2012

March 6, 2012. Tonight's show featured 2 sets from the PUNK AID: ACEH CALLING comp. Please show your opposition to this massive injustice in Indonesia by purchasing this 72 song compilation for a mere $6.00. That's less than most people here in the US spend on coffee everyday. Visit for more information and to purchase this killer comp! Also featured a brand new track from Bonsai Kitten's new album, Welcome To My World, out on Wolverine Records! Real Punk Radio is Radio Done Right! Tommy Unit LIVE!! Tuesday at 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT.

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The Borstal – Wake Up Boys
Evacuate – Aceh Calling
Skangkots – Dance Sucka
The Clash – London’s Burning
Generation X – Your Generation
The Ramones – You’re Gonna Kill That Girl
Apocalypse Babys – Cops ‘N’ Robbers
Dirt Box Disco – Burning
Straight Outta Junior High – Over Now
The Spazzys – Shake & Twist
The Eyeliners – I Could Never Hate You
Bonsai Kitten – Life is a Bitch and So Am I
Doggy Style – Punker’s Anthem
Oddball – Just the Tip
The Scarred – Go Home
Donald Thompson – One for the Road
Anti-Flag – I’d Tell You But…
Star Fucking Hipsters – Otra Vez!