Tommy Unit LIVE! #24 – January 2, 2011 – Songs That Rocked 2010!

Thanks to everyone who tuned in for this week’s broadcast! I put together a nice playlist if songs that kicked ass in 2010!

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Street Dogs- Punk Rock and Roll (Street Dogs)
Smoke or Fire – The Speakeasy (The Speakeasy)
Off With Their Heads – Trying To Breathe (In Desolation)
Peter Pan Speedrock – Just Another Day (We Want Blood)
UK Vomit – Aylesbury Rock City (Hooplass)
Luck Of The Draw – Drinking Gasoline (White Knuckles To The Wheel…Foot To The Floor)
Switchblade Justice – Classified (Let’s Destroy the World Tonight)
The Dreadnoughts – Cider Road (Polka’s Not Dead)
Speakeasy – Speak Easy (*streaming on their myspace page)
Greg Hoy – I’m Epic Curious (Rock And Roll)
The Touch-Me-Nots – Keep Talking Like That (7″)
F-Units – Alone In Babylon (Alone In Babylon) Buy CD
Blacklist Royals – Rock & Roll (Semper Liberi)
Against The Grain – Trouble No more (Self-Titled)
Dag Nasty – Never Go Back (Dag With Shawn)
Superchunk – Rope Light (Majesty Shredding)
NOFX – Teenage Existentialist (NOFX / The Spits – Split 7″)

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