Tommy Unit LIVE!! #244 – 5th Anniversary Show!


July 29, 2015. Tonight was my 5th anniversary show! July 25, 2010 is when this trainwreck started so I decided to do an originals vs. covers theme! No losers…they’re ALL winners! Turn it up! Tommy Unit LIVE!! Live from New York, Wednesday nights at 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!

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Nikki & The Corvettes – You Make Me Crazy
DeeCracks – You Make Me Crazy
Bobby Freeman – Do You Wanna Dance
Ramones – Do You Wanna Dance
The Maytals – Pressure Drop
The Filth F.C. – Pressure Drop
Rancid – Journey to the End of the East Bay
The Tokyo Brave – Journey To The End Of The East Bay
The Brats – Rock Candy
Wyldlife – Rock Candy
The Angels – My Boyfriend’s Back
The Putz – My Boyfriend’s Back
Bobby Darin – Dream Lover
Toxic Kid – Dream Lover
Barry McGuire – Eve Of Destruction
The Apers – Eve of Destruction
The Bobby Fuller Four – I Fought The Law
The Clash – I Fought the Law

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