Tommy Unit LIVE!! #549

August 10th 2022. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #549 – Tonight we scoped out new tunes from Rum Bar Records, Beluga Records, VooDoo Rhythm Records, and Mad Daddy! Also scoped out the upcoming FEAR CITY FUN FEST ’22 (Nov 11-13) here in NYC at TV EYE! And a set to get my ass moooovin’ for The Damned/Baby Shakes/Night Birds show! We’re LIVE, Wednesday nights, 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!


The CheatsPoison Heart
Natalie Sweet & Brad MarinoSecond Time
The Young HasselhoffsLife Got In The Way
The TashmintsJohnny 2 Day
FuzzstainzRip off
Reverend Beat-Man and the UndergroundGet down on me
The DamnedBorn to Kill
The DamnedNeat Neat Neat
Night BirdsRadium Girls
Night BirdsEscape From New York
Baby ShakesLove Song In Reverse
Baby ShakesSugar High
Mad DaddyRoad Racer
The CheatsHanging On the Telephone
The CheatsLoaded
The SchizophonicsBlack to Comm
RMBLRHurricane Kiss
O.C. RippersDo the Whip
RavagersThey Live
Reverend Beat-Man and the UndergroundJesus Christ twist

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