Tommy Unit LIVE!! #383


December 12, 2018. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #383…kicked the night off with a tribute to Tom Petty with a new one from Benny and the NoGoods! I three-fer tribute to Pete Shelley (RIP), New stuff from New York City’s The Carvels NYC smack dab in the middle of two new ones from Wanda Records by The Wheelz and Nasty Rumours! A couple from The Bronx, celebrating their upcoming White Drugs Holiday Show here in Brooklyn, followed by Klazo outta London, Ontario! Xmas set by Wyldlife, NOFX and Angry Snowmans! Plus a Spaghetty Town Records set by Criminal Kids, Bad Sons and Ravagers! Turn it up! Live from New York, Wednesday nights at 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!


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Benny and the NoGoods – I Wont Back Down
The Buzzcocks – Harmony In My Head
The Buzzcocks – Friends
Buzzcocks – Chasing Rainbows Modern Times
Nasty Rumours – Austerity Plan
The Carvels NYC – I Fell in Love with a Dead Boy
The Wheelz – Bullshit
The Bronx – The Unholy Hand
The Bronx – Past Lives
Klazo – G.T.F.O.
Wyldlife – Piss The Season
NOFX – Xmas Has Been X’ed
Angry Snowmans – Naughty Little Monster
Adverts – Bored Teenagers
X-Ray Spex – I Am A Poseur
Angry Samoans – Haizman’s Brain Is Calling
The Undertones – Get Over You
Criminal Kids – Little Bitch

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