Tommy Unit LIVE!! #488

March 31st, 2021. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #488. TONIGHT we scoped out the latest release by The Meteors courtesy Cleopatra Records, Listened to some bands decimate the beats of Bo Diddley courtesy Slovenly Recordings, and spun TWO sets celebrating the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in New York state! Smoke up! Turn it up! 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!


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The Hallingtons – Slaughterhouse
Live Ones – Dirtweed
D.O.A. – Marijuana Motherfucker
The Ramones – Howling At The Moon (Sha-La-La)
Nashville Pussy – High as Hell
The Meteors – Gary Gilmore’s Eyes
The Meteors – Get Back in the Swamp (And Jump)
The Meteors – A Night in the Tombs
The Hangmen – My Way
The Hellacopters – Sometimes I Don’t Know
Turbonegro – Wasted Again
Gino and the Goons – GINO and the GOONS: Down Home Special
The Stools – You Don’t Love Me (You Don’t Care)
Atomic Suplex – Who Do You Love?
Electric Frankenstein – Le’t Get High (Chinese Eyes)
Dwarves – Get Up and Get High
Mighty High – Come On! I’m Holdin’
Green Day – Green Day
The Delstars – Ride The Wild Tube
Blitz – Someone’s Gonna Die
The Sonics – Shot Down
Chixdiggit! – My Dad vs. Paul McCartney

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