Tommy Unit LIVE!! #496

June 9th, 2021. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #496. DEUCES!! Not one…but TWO NEW TUNES from RMBLR, Berlin Blackouts, Les Hatepinks, The Dents, The Fabulous Heydays, Monster Magnet, The Strays, and MOM!! Spaghetty Town Records, Wanda Records, Rum Bar Records, Sound Flat Records, and Western Star Records! Turn it up! 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!


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RMBLR – Hurricane Kiss
Berlin Blackouts – Gonna Go Now
Berlin Blackouts – Captain On The Hightanic
Les Hatepinks – Razor Rock
Les Hatepinks – How could punk be dead when I’m still alive
The Dents – Want It Back
The Dents – Last One Standing
The Fabulous Heydays – Bow Down to the King
The Fabulous Heydays – Assembly Line for the Stupid
The Ramones – Rockaway Beach
The Ramones – Oh Oh I Love Her So
Monster Magnet – When the Wolf Sits
Monster Magnet – Situation
The Strays – Cool Your Jets
The Strays – Silence Is Golden
MOM – Waste My Time
MOM – High Demand
RMBLR – Tal’m Bout

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