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Tommy Unit LIVE!! #368


August 1, 2018. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #366 with new tunes from Muck and the Mires, The Kids, Alex Brown & The Hepcats, Thee Minks, Reverend Beat-Man and Nicole Izobel Garcia, The Interrupters, Criminal Kids, Duck & Cover, The Breaknecks, Dumb Vision, Trash Knife, Thunder Vest, the dRIVIN bEATS, Sourpuss, The Downstrokes, and The Xiles! Plus a sampler from Squidhat Records with tunes from The Heiz, The New Waves, and The Venomous Pinks! Turn it up! Live from New York, Wednesday nights at 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!


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Muck and the Mires – #Loneliness
The Kids – I Just Wanna Be Happy
Alex Brown & The Hepcats – One More
Thee Minks – Right Now Baby
Reverend Beat-Man and Nicole Izobel Garcia – Come Back Lord
The Interrupters – She’s Kerosene
Criminal Kids – Little Bitch
The Heiz – Too Much Rock N Roll Business
The New Waves – Turning Japanese
The Venomous Pinks – Mantis
Duck & Cover – Borrowed Time
The Breaknecks – Here I Stand
Dumb Vision – Modern Things
Trash Knife – Locked Out
Thunder Vest – Too Drunk
Governess – Leather Pounder
Bitch Queens – Burnin’ Up
the dRIVIN bEATS – Lies
Sourpuss – Betty
The Downstrokes – Leather Jacket
The Xiles – I’m Fine