Real Punk Radio’s Podcast Saturday!! – 2/23/13

We’re gearing up for another kick ass Podcast Saturday this weekend on REAL PUNK RADIO! Giving our Auto DJ a break from choosin’ tunes, we’ll be bringing you some of our favorite prerecorded podcasts! (All times are Eastern Time U.S.)

1:00pm – Zorch Radio – Episode 133 Smell the Beef
4:00pm – Jake’s Inferno – Episode 128
5:00pm – MAXIMUMROCKNROLL Radio #1336
6:00pm – Red Red Wine On A Sunday #171 – Johnny’s Gonna Die (Live at Maxwells)
8:00pm – The Rock and Roll Geek Show 493 – Monday Night Trainwreck
9:00pm – Radio Like You Want – Jim Goad II: Scottish Masturbators

Tune in and check ’em out! Real Punk Radio is Radio Done Right!

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