The Big Takeover Show with Jack Rabid joins Real Punk Radio!

Jack Rabid

Jack Rabid, the godfather of punk rock journalism and founder of Big Takeover Magazine, joins Real Punk Radio! Get your week rolling with a man whose love of good music knows no bounds! Starting Monday, January 26th at 12:00pm EST, Jack Rabid, an avid listener, collector and musician for well over a quarter of a century, brings his vast knowledge of punk and rock’n’roll to the Real Punk Radio airwaves!

The Big Takeover Show with Jack Rabid. Every Monday at 12:00pm EST on Real Punk Radio! Check the Real Punk Radio schedule for all our killer programs! Tune in and Turn it up! Radio Done Right!

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One thought on “The Big Takeover Show with Jack Rabid joins Real Punk Radio!”

  1. I met Jack when I was working in NYC in 1989-90. I put out an indie fanzine called ‘Hip Priest’. Anyhow love your work in Big Takeover…be warned, Sleaford Mods are the new Sex Pistols (and I come from Sleaford!!) so let me know if you want a review of their London gig this Friday. I’ll be there. M

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