Tommy Unit LIVE!! #110 – Sept 25th, 2012

September 25, 2012. Tonight’s had it all!! Some new stuff, some old stuff, some band submitted stuff, some pop punk stuff, some rocka/psycho/horror-billy stuff…but most of all it was KILLER stuff! Tuesday at 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT.
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Torpedohead – Moonshine Highway
NOFX – My Sycophant Others
The Enders – Salad Days
The Hate – Black Hands
Green Day – Angel Blue
F-Units – Psycho Urgency Rock Addiction
The Mansfields – Lipstick Killer
Graveyard Johnnys – Never Get Me
Bonsai Kitten – We Want More
The P.O.X. – I Don’t Like Me
The Connection – Comes and Goes
Le Volume Était Au Maximum – 25
Kurt Baker – Hollywood (Down on Your Luck)
The Rents – Learn The Hard Way
Dysfunctional Youth – Kung Fu
The Clash – Brand New Cadillac
The Boys – First Time
Sprinter – Ignorance Day

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