Tommy Unit LIVE!! #144

June 19, 2013. Tonight’s show started out with a brand new Zero Boys tune! First new recording in 20 years! Throw in a few Rolling Stones’ covers, more new tunes and a set of some kick ass German bands! Turn it up! Tommy Unit LIVE!! Wednesday at 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!

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Zero Boys – Put Some Lipstick On It
Livids – Savage Eyes
The Goddamn Gallows – Serafino
Swingin’ Utters – Brand New Lungs
Kitty in a Casket – Bis Der Vorhang Fällt
Lipstick Homicide – Rockerchick
The Copyrights – Dead Flowers
Rogers – Allein
ZSK – Antifascista
Die Shitlers – Rancid-Nofx-Split-CD
HotLips Messiah – Time to Drop the Bomb
Big D and the Kids Table – Shit Tattoos
The Brass Action – Jack Kerouac
The Bamboo Kids – Money (Worry All The Time)
Druglords of the Avenues – Druglords of the Avenues
Against the Grain – Don’t Care What You Say
Wyldlife – The Right!
Spanish Reds – While You Were Sleeping
The Connection – Connection

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