Tommy Unit LIVE!! #146 – Punk Aid: Boston/OKC Strong!

July 3, 2013. Tonight’s show was all songs from the Boston/OKC Strong Compilation available NOW from Punk Aid! 117 songs for ONLY $6.00! Proceeds go to the Victims of the Boston Marathon bombing and more recently the victims of mother nature in Oklahoma City. 117 tracks of bands many have not heard of along with well-known established punk bands. They all put their hearts and souls into the music! Do the right (and punk) thing and buy this compilation! Tommy Unit LIVE!! Wednesday at 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!

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St. James and the Apostles (USA) – Fin Fang Foom
The Defects (Ireland) – Hill Street
Threats (Scotland) – Disaster
4 Past Midnight (Scotland) – Any Other Way
The Unseen (USA) – Live In Fear (alternate version)
Yellow Stitches (USA) – Our City
The Wheelz (USA) – I Wanna Get Drunk
The Seks (USA) – Flat Line
King Mastino (Italy) – Hold Fast
The Enemy (UK) – All Guns Blazing
The Enders (USA) – My Television
The Virus (USA) – Front Page News
The Oversuck (Indonesia) – Your Choice
Skangkot (Indonesia) – Booze 1 The Rest 0
RGB (Indonesia) – The Star
The Scarred (USA) – Gone Even Higher
Noi!se (USA) – Brothers In Arms
The Public Divide (USA) – Is There Always an Enemy

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