Tommy Unit LIVE!! #2 – August 1, 2010

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The Bent Scepters – Shalako
The Ramones – Do You Reember Rock’n’Roll Radio?
The Real Kids – All Kindsa Girls
The Supersuckers – Coattail rider
The Lazy Cowgirls – Losin’ Your Mind
The Short Fuses – Devastator
The Cramps – Human Fly
Social Distortion – She’s a Knockout
The Dents – One More Time
Blondie – Livin’ In The Real World
F-Units – Mockstar
Turbo AC’s – Fired Up
Exploding White Mice – Let The Kids Dance
New Bomb Turks – Automatic Teller
Glucifer – My Card Syas Typhoon Killer
Boss Martians – I Am Your Radio
The Del Stars – Ho Dad’s Rule!
Bad Religion – I Give You Nothing
Mr. T Experience – I Fell For You

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