Tommy Unit LIVE #201

August 20, 2014. Tonight I played a nice assortment of tunes! Band submitted tunes, some stoner rock, a few classics, some new stuff and more band submitted tunes! Send your band’s properly tagged mp3 files to! Turn it up! Tommy Unit LIVE!! Wednesday nights at 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!

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Some Nerve – How Can We Be Safe?
Jobseekers – We are Jobseekers
Ghost Sector – Arkham
One Nation – Cracks in the Pavements
Oxymoron – Fuckers Everywhere
Hits – Crackpipe
Torpedohead – Shanghide
Monster Magnet – Medicine
The Dragons – Woah Yeah!
The Hellacopters – Where The Action Is
RAMONES – All’s Quiet on the Eastern Front
Youth Brigade – Blown Away
The Replacements – I’m in Trouble
Teenage Brain – Insect
Dwarves – Fun to Try
Biters – Saturday Night Cat Fight
Loixratta – Ascension
KloriX – Neupfarrplatz
Sorry I Came – Stay Classy, San Diego

3 thoughts on “Tommy Unit LIVE #201”

  1. Hey Tommy….Thanx for exposing “the Brain” out there in NYC !! Getting sandwiched between The Replacements and Dwarves is pretty good company…Our minimal time in the studio sure shows up when showcased next to REAL produced recordings….We have some work to do… This is punk rock though right…You’re the King Tommy!!! Thanx again!

    Steve & Teenage Brain

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