Tommy Unit LIVE!! #203 – Punk Aid 3!!!


September 3, 2014. Tonight we dedicated the show 100% to the latest compilation/fundraiser from Punk Aid! Punk Aid 3 – For the Animals! All proceeds benefit A no cage, No-Kill Los Angeles animal rescue shelter! 104 bands for only $6.00! Please help out if you can and give a few extra dollar$! Let’s help Mike blow his $1,000.00 goal for the first week out of the water! $687.00 as of airtime (10:00pm EST) Wednesday night! BUY IT NOW and help the animals that don’t have a voice! Tommy Unit LIVE!! Wednesday nights at 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!

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Total Chaos (USA) – Wake Up America
M.S.A (Canada) – Waste of Life
Zex (Canada) – Break Free
Broken Foot (Canada) – My Own League
Evacuate (USA) – Ignorance Is Bliss
Crooked Cobras (USA) – Oppression
Electric Frankenstein (USA) – Up from the Streets
Street voices (Indonesia) – Hypnotize
Topnovil (Australia) – Enemy
Mi22les (Mexico) – Can’t Destroy Us
Dead On The Wire (USA) – Throwaway
The Horribles (USA) – The Voice
Pagan Babies (USA – Squirrels
The Innocents (Indonesia) – Future Boys
Moral Decline (USA) – The End
The Outcasts (Ireland) – Don’t Wanna Be No Adult
The Kaotix (USA) – Control
Arkham (USA) – Wolfhearts

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