Tommy Unit LIVE!! #219 – Songs That Rocked 2014!


January 7, 2015. Tonight was all about “Songs That Rocked 2014”! All these tunes were released last year and got the double thumbs up seal-of-approval from Tommy Unit LIVE!! Hope you dig! Wednesday nights at 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!

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Gods Of Macho – Native
The DeRellas – Don’t Go
The Meatmen – They Just Don’t Make ’em Anymore
Dirt Box Disco – She Goes Out
A Pony Named Olga – 666-13
The Hares – Song About a Girl
1-800-BAND – Diver Blue
Adolescents – A Dish Best Served Cold
Dwarves – Sluts of the USA
Supersuckers – Pushin’ Thru
OFF! – You Must Be Damned
Flanders 72 – Forever Alone
Stilett – Spliff & Red Stripe
Black Heart Breakers – Seventeen
NOFX – All My Friends In New York
DeeCRACKS – Brooklyn Babe
Sonny Vincent & Spite – Wait
CJ Ramone – Last Chance to Dance
Stray Bullets – Public Enemy #1
Rancid – Raise Your Fist
Left Alone – Leather Bound Book
The Venomous Pinks – No No No

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