Tommy Unit LIVE!! #268


February 17, 2016. Tonight we had a theme…vices. The things we crave, the things we need, the things that make day-to-day life bearable! I’m talking beer, weed, TV, rock’n’roll, food and sex!! Turn it up! Tommy Unit LIVE!! Live from New York, Wednesday nights at 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!

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Toilet Boys – Saturday Nite
Peter Pan Speedrock – Beer For Breakfast
Teenage Head – Teenage Beer Drinkin’ Party
Limozine – Beercan Blues
Gang Green – L.D.S.B. (Lets Drink Some Beer)
Supersuckers – Tasty Greens
Live Ones – Dirtweed
Chixdiggit – Hemp Hemp Hooray
Teenage Bottlerocket – TV Set
The Methadones – TV World
Night Birds – Golden Age of TV
Street Dogs – Punk Rock and Roll
The Hydromatics – No Justice (in rock’n’roll)
Dwarves – That’s Rock’n’Roll
The Putz – Fast Food Fantasy
The Clash – Lost in the Supermarket
Kobanes – Pizza Party!
Zeke – Fuck All Night
1-800-BAND – Sex Offender
Turbonegro – Good Head

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