Tommy Unit LIVE!! #294


September 21, 2016. Tonight we grabbed some tunes from the email address, some new stuff from Mr. T Experience, Green Lady Killers, Gag Order, and promoted a couple of upcoming NYC shows!! Turn it up! Tommy Unit LIVE!! Live from New York, Wednesday nights at 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!

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Mr. T Experience – Cynthia with a Y
THE SKULLINGTONS – I Don’t Wanna Go on the Murder Train
Bullet Proof Lovers – Nothing I Can’t Do
Wonk Unit – I Told You So
The Heartbreakers – Let Go
Blondie – Eat To The Beat
The Replacements – Black Diamond
MC5 – Gotta Keep Movin’
The Green Lady Killers – Be Free
The Me-Thinks – Rock Deaf
Glenn Robinson – Everybody!
No Thrills – We Don’t Want Your War
Red Alert – A Distant Rhythm
Gag Order – I Live
Spree Killers – Monster
The Dickies – Shadow Man
Dickies – Fan Mail
The Dickies – Eve Of Destruction
The Dickies- Banana Splits

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