Tommy Unit LIVE!! #298 – Halloween


October 26, 2016. Tonight was the annual Tommy Unit LIVE!! Halloween show! Broadcasting dead from the Greenwood cemetery in Brooklyn! Turn it up! Tommy Unit LIVE!! Live from New York, Wednesday nights at 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!

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The Misfits – Die, Die My Darling
Me First And The Gimme Gimmes – Phantom Of The Opera Song
Eaten Back To Life – Blood And Guts
Direct Hit! – Werewolf Shame
Groovie Ghoulies – Graveyard Girlfriend
The Ramones – Pet Sematary
Nekromantix – Hellbound
The Smugglers – Death at Disneyland
The Meatmen – Death Rig 9000
The Sharp Lads – Death By Misadventure
The Lillingtons – Don’t Trust Humanoids
The Hangmen – The Devil
The Creepshow – The Devil´s Son
The Cramps – Surfin’ Dead
Chixdiggit! – Chupacabras
Teenage Bottlerocket – They Came From The Shadows
Zeke – Death Alley
New York Dolls – Frankenstein

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