Tommy Unit LIVE!! #376


October 10, 2018. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #376…New stuff from Amyl and the Sniffers, Dirty Fences, Tommy and the Rockets, Supersuckers, and St. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club! Promoted and upcoming show with Dead Jetsetter, Live Ones and Mighty Fine! A set about graveyards! And more! Turn it up! Live from New York, Wednesday nights at 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!


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Amyl and the Sniffers – Some Mutts (Can’t Be Muzzled)
Dirty Fences – Teen Angel
The Chats – Bus Money
Tommy And The Rockets – Rock ‘n’ Roll High School
The Muffs – Better Than Me
Hard-Ons – What Am I Suppost To Do?
Supersuckers – Breaking My Balls
The Humpers – Soul Surgeon
Husker Du – Turn On the News
Dead Jetsetter – Fight
Live Ones – Loaded ‘N Rollin’
The Mighty Fine – We Don’t Get Along
Joneses – Graveyard Rock
Dead Moon – Graveyard
The Witch Doctors – Going To A Graveyard
St. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club – I Still Get The Calls
Biters – Melody For Lovers
Dead Kennedys – Halloween

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