Tommy Unit LIVE!! #387


January 23, 2019. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #387…Tonight we got things rollin’ with some new stuff from Beluga Records with Jake Starr and the Delicious Fullness, Kurt Baker, and The Reverberations! A BRAND NEW one from our friends Torpedohead! Plus a couple from the Gag Nasty split with Gag Order and The Nasties! Then went into show-promo-mode with tunes from Green Dragon, Cash Registers, The Sweet Things, Jane Lee Hooker, New York Junk, BBQT, Beechwood, The Rats of New York, The Electric Mess, and Twin Guns! Ended with some Hard Evidence! ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!


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Exploding Hearts – Your Shadow
Jake Starr and the Delicious Fullness – All The Mess I’m In
Kurt Baker – Lost In Translation
The Reverberations – Time Stops
Torpedohead – Ain’t Your Life
Gag Order – Modern Man
The Nasties – I Love Your Ass
Green Dragon – Poison Finger
Cash Registers – Cold Soda
The Sweet Things – Slather
Jane Lee Hooker – The Hunter
New York Junk – Love Song to My Mirrior
Beechwood – Boy Before
The Electric Mess – Disconnected
The Rats of New York – Fingerbang Gang
The Rats of New York – Droppin Out
Twin Guns – The Dark Is Rising
Hard Evidence – Something to Believe In

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