Tommy Unit LIVE!! #393


March 13, 2019. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #393…Tonight we spun new tunes from The Battery Electric, Jake Starr and the Delicious Fullness, Gods of Macho, Backyard Babies, The Short Fuses, BBQT, Natalie Sweet, The SUCK and Teenage Bottlerocket! Mixed in tunes from Bitch Queens, The Hellacopters, Sonny Vincent, Klax, Greg Lonesome & the Meathookers, Tortured Souls and Live Ones! Tommy Unit LIVE!! 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!


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The Battery Electric – Goin’ Wild
The Peawees – ‘Cause You Don’t Know Me (Free digital) single
Jake Starr and the Delicious Fullness – Biff Bang Pow
Gods Of Macho – Lets All Have A Blast
Backyard Babies – A Day Late in My Dollar Shorts
Bitch Queens – B-Stock Babies
The Hellacopters – Toys And Flavors
Sonny Vincent and Rocket From The Crypt – Through My Head
Sonny Vincent & Spite – Wait
Sonny Vincent – Give You More
The Short Fuses – DAWN OF THE DEAF
Natalie Sweet – Another Bottle of Wine
Klax – Queen’s Control
Greg Lonesome & the Meathookers – 2000 Volts
Tortured Souls – World of Pain
The SUCK – #You’redead
The SUCK – The Catfish
Teenage Bottlerocket – Everything to Me
Live Ones – Misdirection

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