Tommy Unit LIVE!! #395


March 27, 2019. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #395…Tonight we spun new tunes from The Battery Electric, Jonny Manak & The Depressives, The Mahones, The Briefs, Brad Marino (Rum Bar Records), Djävulen Möblerar Om (Beluga Records)! Also mixed in some tracks from Bazooka Sharkz, SPLNTR, Trypsin Overdose, from Monster Zero Records: tracks from YooHoos, The Hangups, The Ratcliffs; plus submissions from Junto, Cardinal Birds, !MESS!, Throwouts, Stuk-3, Johnny Rocket, RKX, Gulls, and closed it with a new one from Priorities!! Tommy Unit LIVE!! 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!


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The Battery Electric – Hell or Highwater
Jonny Manak & The Depressives – Gift of Desperation
The Mahones – Makes No Sense At All
The Briefs – Out Of Touch
Bazooka Sharkz – Get Rowdy
SPLNTR – Banners
Trypsin Overdose – Селёдка под шубой (Aleck under the coat)
YooHoos – Little Alien
The Hangups – Done with You
The Ratcliffs – Schoolyard Dictator
Djävulen Möblerar Om – Fem dagar kvar (Five days left)
Junto – St. Patricks Day
Cardinal Birds – Kill Kill Kill
!MESS! – Pills
Throwouts – Stand Up
Štuk-3 – Murder ballad
Johnny Rocket – Jesus and the Motherfuckers
RKX – Just Let Me Know
Gulls – Shop
Brad Marino – What Comes Naturally
Priorities – You Better Shoot

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