Tommy Unit LIVE! #4 – August 15, 2010

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(I was hoping to get more tracks played from the Blondie tribute release but I had to take care of the requests from the chat! You can buy it on iTunes here!)

Squatweiler – Call Me
Social Distortion – Don’t Drag Me Down
The Dragons – My Confession
The Touch-Me-Nots – Door #3
The Hellacopters – Her Strut
The Excessories – In The Flesh
The Cramps – Garbageman
The Lazy Cowgirls – Just The Last Goodbye
The New Bomb Turks – Girl Can Help It
The Misfits – Where Eagles Dare
Nova Express – Bag of Monsters
Rocket From The Crypt – On A Rope
The Short Fuses – Maria
Truth In Needles – One Uno Ichi
Mike Edison – GG Allin Died Last Night
Stiff Little Fingers – Tin Soldiers
The Clash – Capital Radio One
Clear – Hook for Rent
The Del Stars – 400 Hawaiian Shirts

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