Tommy Unit LIVE!! #435


February 26th, 2020. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #435…New stuff from Wyldlife, The Venomous Pinks, Deathtraps, The Jack Cades, The Electric Mess, Grass Mud Horse, The Trash Bags, Green Day, The Idolizers, Maladroit, The Dumbheads, BIZNAGA, Anti-Flag, Craterface, Slack Alices, and JARS!! Wicked Cool Records, Die Laughing Records, Beluga Records, Monster Zero Records, Slovenly Recordings, Midnight Hallucination Records, and Pogo Records!! TURN IT UP!! Tommy Unit LIVE!! 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!


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Wyldlife – Kiss and Tell
The Venomous Pinks – Hold On
Deathtraps – Play The One We Know
Gutter Demons – Damage Case
The Jack Cades – Candid
The Electric Mess – Cesspool
Grass Mud Horse – No Prey No Pay
The Trash Bags – Victim
Green Day – Take the Money and Crawl
The Idolizers – Stranded
Maladroit – Darwin’s Got Our Back
The Dumbheads – Giant Leeches
BIZNAGA – Producción de Sentido 24/7
Anti-Flag – The Disease
Craterface – Arbitrary
Slack Alices – Alley
Ramones – Palisades Park

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