Tommy Unit LIVE!! #473

November 25th 2020. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #473……TONIGHT…things I’m thankful for…..10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!


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Huntingtons – Thank God for the Bomb
Vibrators – Baby, Baby
Social Distortion – She’s A Knockout
The Putz – My Baby And Me
Supersuckers – Non-Addictive Marijuana
Mighty High – Cheep Beer, Dirt Weeed
NOFX – Herojuana
Backyard Babies – Friends
The Buzzcocks – Friends
MDC – My Family Is A Little Weird
Dwarves – That’s Rock’n’Roll
Joey Ramone – Rock ‘n Roll Is The Answer
Ramones – Rock ‘N’ Roll High School
Black Flag – TV Party
The Cramps – TV Set
The Hellacopters – Television Addict
WKRP – Live from the Pinedale Shoppong Mall
Tommy And The Rockets – Beer & Fun & Rock ‘n’ Roll
Brett Kavanaugh – WE DRANK BEER
World War IX – King Of The King Of Beers
The Beaumonts – Let’s Get Drunk

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