Tommy Unit LIVE!! #499

June 30th, 2021. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #499. TONIGHT we spun new/upcoming tunes from The Bambies, The Manges, RMBLR, The Boatsmen, The Bronx, The Hip Priests, The Hip Priests, The Datsuns, Cosmic Psychos, The Lombego Surfers, Überyou, Tight Finks, and (Deluxe Edition??) 7seconds!! Some pre-4th of July freedom-celebratin-merica tunes from DEVO, The Clash, Adolescents, and Avengers!! Beach tunes from The Riverdales, Roadside Bombs, Dead Kennedys, and The Delstars!! Spaghetty Town Records, Wanda Records, Damaged Goods Records, Go The Hack Records, Lux Noise!! Turn it up! 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!


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The Bambies – Dirty taint
The Manges – Tootsie Rolls
RMBLR – Get Ghost
The Boatsmen – I Don’t Wanna Lose This Time
The Riverdales – Hampton Beach
Roadside Bombs – Down To The Beach
Dead Kennedys – Funland At The Beach
The Delstars – Catalina Beach
The Bronx – White Shadow
The Hip Priests – No Stranger To Failure
The Datsuns – Dehumanise
Cosmic Psychos – Sin Bin
DEVO – Freedom of Choice
The Clash – Know Your Rights
Adolescents – God Bless America
Avengers – The American in me
The Lombego Surfers – Gimme My Drink
Überyou – How Lonely
Tight Finks – 425 / 17
7seconds – Young ‘Til I Die
7seconds – Red and Black
7seconds – Die Hard

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