Tommy Unit LIVE!! #514

October 13th, 2021. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #514. This week….new tunes from Cutthroat Brothers & Mike Watt, The Erratix, Dalaplan, ANC4, and La Decoupe! Promoted upcoming shows with tunes from Josie Cotton, Jonny Couch, Killer Hearts, The Idolizers, Bad Vacation, and Cold Dice! Plus a little pre-Halloween treat and more! Turn it up! We’re LIVE, Wednesday nights, 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!


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Spizz Energi – Where’s Captain Kirk?
Cutthroat Brothers & Mike Watt – Been Away
The Spike – Ain’t No friend of Mine..
The Erratix – You Don’t Care
Josie Cotton – Calling All Girls
Jonny Couch – Shadow Eyes
Blondie – Living In The Real World
Dalaplan – En fot i dyngan och en pa vag till dig
ANC4 – Go Easy
La Decoupe – La Decoupe_Inadapte
Baron Daemon and the Vampires – Transylvania Twist
Buck Owens – Monster’s Holiday
Screaming Lord Sutch – Dracula’s Daughter
Cold Dice – Vengeance Calls
Bad Vacation – Tear It Up
The Idolizers – Until Then
Killer Hearts – 24-7 Action
SpreadEagle – Roadwarrior
The Dirtys – Grind Baby Grind
Motörhead – Stone Deaf in the USA

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