Tommy Unit LIVE! #6 – August 29, 2010

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Cosmic Psychos – Lost Cause
Tad – Jack Pepsi
The Hives – Main Offender
The Waste Kings – Ride The Sun
The Soviettes – Multiply and Divide
Stiff Little Fingers – Suspect Device
World War IX – T.G.I.M.
The Detroit Cobras – Ain’t Hittin’ On Nothin’
X – Devil Doll
F-Units – Rebel Songs
Turbo AC’s – 1-800-EAT-SHIT
The Wildhearts – My Baby Is a Headfuck
Scratch Acid – She Said
Dag Nasty – Values Here
Zero Boys – Livin’ In The ’80’s
The Descendnts – Suburban Home
The Dents – Too Late
Zeke – Fight In The Storeroom
The Dwarves – Drug Store
NOFX – Seeing Double At The Triple Rock
The Chelsea Smiles – You Can’t Give Me Anything
The Mummies – Justine

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