Tommy Unit LIVE #68 – Nov 8th, 2011

November 8, 2011.
Tonight’s show was pure punk rock bliss! Tommy Unit LIVE!! on Tuesday at 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT.

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Flanders 72 – Level Hard
Shakedown Boulevard – Bombs Over Broadway
The Scurvies – Don’t Let Me Go
Grave Robber – Paranormal Activity
Cobra Skulls – Thicker Than Water
Doggy Style – Donut Shop Rock
Dear Landlord – Neighbors
The Dopamines – Heads Up Dusters
The Ramones – Surfin’ Bird
F-Units – Paranormal
The Clash – Police on My Back
The Peabodys – Security Blanket
Hollywood Blondes – Winona
The Hi-Life – Don’t Waste Away
The Johnie 3 – Let’s Get Medicated
Banner Pilot – Forty Degrees
Scholar – It’s Be So much Easier To Believe You (If Your Pants Weren’t On Fire)
Aliens & Strangers – Monster Drag
Dee Cracks – She’s Gonna Kill You

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