Tommy Unit LIVE!! #116 – Nov 6th, 2012

November 6, 2012. Tonight’s show featured the Punk Rock World Vol.1 compilation from Television Records! 34 bands from 13 different countries! Toss in some band submitted tunes and a few tracks from the I Killed Punk Rock compilation and you got yourself a show! Tuesday at 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT.

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Torpedohead – Bleed On Me
The McFlys – Big Head
DeeCRACKS – Let’s Get Outta Here
Sonic Surf City – Surfin’ Amazonas
Flanders 72 – Gabriel is Getting’ Queer
Old Radio – On Your Own
Strike a Fire – Trapped Inside Dreams
Climax – Born in Prison
The Rents – Hangover
Kurt Baker – Partied Out
Limozine – Beercan Blues
Wendy James – You’re So Great
The Methadones – Accident Waiting To Happen
Pink Spiders – Teenage Graffiti
The Secretions – Boner
Love Equals Death – Bombs Over Brooklyn
The Scutches – Don’t Go
Old Wives – Bullshit
The Promdates – Facebook Stalker

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