Zombie Unit LIVE!! #115 – Halloween Spooktackular III – October 30th, 2012

October 23, 2012. Tonight’s theme was death. Yesterday I saw a person that had jumped 7 stories to the NYC sidewalk to her death. Gruesome. Plus it’s a good theme as a pre-halloween show!
Tuesday at 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT.
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Rob Zombie (featuring Ghastly Ones) – Halloween (She Get So Mean)
The B-Movie Monsters – Salem’s Lot
The Mansfields – Frankenstein Twist
The Hydromatics – Valentine Frankenstein
Los Straitjackets – “The Munsters” Theme
The Turbo A.C.’s – Graveyard Shifter
The Joneses – Graveyard Rock
Groovie Ghoulies – Graveyard Girlfriend
Dwarves – We Must Have Blood
Misfits – Bloodfeast
Teenage Bottlerocket – They Came From The Shadows
The Scutches – Dead Things Rot
Against the Grain – Night of the Wolf
The Bloody Hollies – Raised By Wolves
The Born Losers – Werewolves on Wheels
X – The Hungry Wolf
Switchblade Justice – Vampire Girlfriend
The Bomboras – A Fistful of Terror
Lipstick Homicide – Vampire Club

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