Tommy Unit LIVE!! #434


February 19th, 2020. Tommy Unit LIVE!! #434…Tons of new stuff!! All killer, no filler! TURN IT UP!! Tommy Unit LIVE!! 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right!


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Deathtraps – Tastes Like Blood
Supersuckers – A Certain Girl (Bonus Track)
The Peawees – The News
Huntingtons – Thank God for the Bomb
Johnny Jetson – Knocked Out
Green Day – Fire, Ready, Aim
El Flyin’ & the Heathen Troubadors – Used to Was
Sister Ray Gun – Shadows
Hayley and the Crushers – If You Wanna Dance
Beach Slang – Born To Raise Hell
NOFX – I Love You More Than I Hate Me
More Kicks – Your Vibration
The Forty Nineteens – It’s For Fun (That’s All We’re Living For)
Slander Tongue – Lucifer
Faz Waltz – C’mon Liar
The Monsters – I’m a Stranger to Me
Phone Jerks – Kill Kill
Sanguisuga – Disumanizzato
Gulag Beach – After The Turnaround

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