Tommy Unit LIVE! #13 – October 17, 2010

Thanks to everyone who tuned in for this week’s broadcast!

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Uncle Leon & THE Alibis – Beer Train
Gluecifer – Going Down
The Clash – Julie’s Been Working for the Drug Squad
Luck Of The Draw – Drinking Gasoline
The Supersuckers – Gato Negro
The Dreadnoughts – Cider Road
Waldos – Seven Day Weekend
F-Units – Desperation Road
Turbonegro – Do You Do You Dig Destruction
Apa State Mental – Bang
Glen Matlock & The Philistines – Born Running
The Touch-Me-Nots – Keep Talking Like That
Boss Martians – I am Your Radio
El Vez – Esta Bien Mamacita
Lonsome Kings – Who’s Your Daddy
Bullet Lavolta – Dead Wrong

Tommy Unit LIVE! #12 – October 10, 2010

Sorry, I uploaded the wrong podcast last night!
Last night’s show has been uploaded now…d’oh!
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We trudged through some technical difficulties connecting last night, but got it rolling after a couple of minutes!

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The Short Fuses – Funtimes
The Clash – Rudie Can’t Fail
Backyard Babies – Heros and Heroines
X – Los Angeles
The’s – Bomb The Twist
Thee Headcoats – Girl from ’62
The Shitbirds – I Want You
Blackout Shoppers – You’re Insane
Peter Pan Speedtrack – Goin’ Downtown
Dillinger Four – All Rise For The Rational Anthem
The Chezwicks – Promise Breaker
F-Units – Just A Tease
The Dreadnoughts – Turbo Island
The Devil Dogs – Sweet Like Wine
The Serviettes – Blue Stars
Grubby Ernie – Cyclone City
Total Passover – Doin’ Me In
(10 seconds dead air… memory of Gary Coleman)
Glen Matlock & The Philistines – Get What We Get
Sonic Youth – Touch Me I’m Sick
Superchunk – Rope Light

Tommy Unit LIVE! #11 – October 3, 2010

This week’s show features a gem from Hopeless Records!
“Alpha Motherfuckers – A Turbonegro Tribute”
Bands paying tribute to Norway’s Kings of Deathpunk – TURBONEGRO
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Turbonegro – Prince of the Rodeo
Supersuckers – Get It On (Apocalypse Dudes)
HIM – Rondezvous With Anus (Apocalypse Dudes)
Queens of the Stone Age – Back To Dungaree High (Apocalypse Dudes)
American Heartbreak – 4 A.M.
The Ramones – Oh Oh I Love Her So
The Misfits – Die, Die My Darling
Joker Five Speed – So Bored
Therapy? – Denim Demon (Ass Cobra)
Zeke – Midnight NAMBLA (Ass Cobra)
Satyricon – I Got Erection (Ass Cobra)
Truth In Needles – Sobriety Test
World War IX – Hate Mail From Friends
Blackout Shoppers – Smash & Grab
Nashville Pussy – Age of Pamparius (Apocalypse Dudes)
Amulet – Hate the Kids (Ass Cobra)
ADZ – Good Head (Apocalypse Dudes)
The Dictators – What’s Up with That
The Chelsea Smiles – Nowhere Ride

Tommy Unit LIVE! #10 – September 26, 2010

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The Clash – Clampdown
Rocket From The Crypt – Drop Out
The Buzzcocks – What Do I Get?
Babes In Toyland – House
The Casualties – We Are All We Have
World War IX – Portrait of Sobriety
The Mono Men – Jezebel
Touch-Me-Nots – The Only Thing I Like About Rock’N’Roll
Greg Hoy – Rock And Roll
X – Johnny Hit And Run Pauline
New Bomb Turks – Up For A Downslide
The Raunch Hands – Your Fat Friend
Monster Magnet – Sin’s A Good Man’s Brother
The Dragons – Sleep When I’m Dead
The Sex Pistols – New York
NOFX – Please Play This Song On The Radio
The Dents – Miserable Day
Operation Ivy – The Crowd

Tommy Unit LIVE! #9 – September 19, 2010

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The Clash – White Man in Hammersmith Palais
The Waldos – Party Lights
F-Units – Psycho Urgency Rock Addiction
Tall Black Girls – LadyLike
The Hard-Ons – What Am I Supposed To Do
The Supersuckers – Hell City Hell
Generation X – One Hundred Punks
The Dictators – (I Live For) Cars and Girls
Blackout Shoppers – Well Earned Riot
Turbo AC’s – The Future
Backyard Babies – UFO Romeo
The Adolescents – Kids of the Black Hole
Lonesome Kings – Nothin’ For Me
Social Distortion – Gotta Know the Rules
The Hellacopters – Gotta Get Some Action Now
Turbonegro – Rendezvous With Anus
Damone – At The Mall
Zeke – Zeke You

Tommy Unit LIVE! #8 – September 12, 2010

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Johnny Cash – The Man Comes Around
The Swingin’ Neckbreakers – Good Good Lovin’
The Jam – A Town Called Malice
The Detroit Cobras – The Real Thing
The Replacements – Favorite Thing
Blondie – I’m Gonna Love You Too
The Zeros – Beat Your Heart Out
F-Units – Mockstar
The Soviettes – Middle of the Night
The Waste Kings – Garden of My Mind
The Ramones – I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
The Eyeliners – I Could Never Hate You
Dillinger Four – Portrait of the Artist as a Fuckin’ Asshole
Edge of Panic – Final Blow
X – We’re Having Much More Fun
Rancid – Journey to the End of the East Bay
The Fevers – That’s If You Want Me To
The Exploding Hearts – Making Teenage Faces
Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers – One Track Mind
The Humpers – Soul Surgeon
The Choke – Face for the Radio

Tommy Unit LIVE! #7 – September 5, 2010

Tonight’s show is a pre-recorded podcast as I am out of town getting married! For your listening pleasure I put together some of my favorite bands covering their favorite bands.
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7 Seconds – 99 Red Balloons (Nena)
Social Distortion – Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash)
Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers – Do You Love Me (The Contours)
Go To Blazes – Because I Do (X)
The Ramones – I Don’t Wanna Grow Up (Tom Waits)
Tom Waits – The Return of Jackie & Judy (The Ramones)
Nirvana – Molly’s Lips (The Vaselines)
The Muffs – Kids In America (Kim Wilde)
The Queers – Don’t Back Down (Beach Boys)
Decry – Sonic Reducer (Dead Boys)
The Bent Scepters – Dirty Old Man (The Sonics)
The Sonics – Roll Over Beethoven (Chuck Berry)
Minor Threat – Good Guys (The Standells)
Nashville Pussy – Age of Pamparius (Turbonegro)
The Methadones – I’m The Man (Joe Jackson)
The Replacements – Black Diamond (KISS)
DGeneration – Degenerated (Reagan Youth)
The Cowslingers – One Piece at a Time (Johnny Cash)
Johnny Cash – Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode)

Tommy Unit LIVE! #6 – August 29, 2010

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Cosmic Psychos – Lost Cause
Tad – Jack Pepsi
The Hives – Main Offender
The Waste Kings – Ride The Sun
The Soviettes – Multiply and Divide
Stiff Little Fingers – Suspect Device
World War IX – T.G.I.M.
The Detroit Cobras – Ain’t Hittin’ On Nothin’
X – Devil Doll
F-Units – Rebel Songs
Turbo AC’s – 1-800-EAT-SHIT
The Wildhearts – My Baby Is a Headfuck
Scratch Acid – She Said
Dag Nasty – Values Here
Zero Boys – Livin’ In The ’80’s
The Descendnts – Suburban Home
The Dents – Too Late
Zeke – Fight In The Storeroom
The Dwarves – Drug Store
NOFX – Seeing Double At The Triple Rock
The Chelsea Smiles – You Can’t Give Me Anything
The Mummies – Justine

Tommy Unit LIVE! #5 – August 22, 2010

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The Mono Men – Took That Thing
Backyard Babies – Minus Celsius
Lonesome Kings – Through the Devil’s Eyes
The Muffs – I Don’t Like You
Thee Headcoatees – CA Plane Pour Moi
Candygirl – Oh Jackie Boy!
Generation X – Ready Steady Go
The Clash – I’m So Bored With The USA
The Lustorama – If You’ll Be Mine
Joan Jett – Bad Reputation
The Hellacopters – Downright Blue
The Misfits – We Are 138
Towers Of London – Kill The Pop Scene
Joey Ramone – What A Wonderful World
Exploding White Mice – Pipeline
The Short Fuses – Night Of The Bloodsuckers
X – The Hungry Wolf
The Supersuckers – Smoke Of Hell
The Methadones – Goodbye To You

Tommy Unit LIVE! #4 – August 15, 2010

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(I was hoping to get more tracks played from the Blondie tribute release but I had to take care of the requests from the chat! You can buy it on iTunes here!)

Squatweiler – Call Me
Social Distortion – Don’t Drag Me Down
The Dragons – My Confession
The Touch-Me-Nots – Door #3
The Hellacopters – Her Strut
The Excessories – In The Flesh
The Cramps – Garbageman
The Lazy Cowgirls – Just The Last Goodbye
The New Bomb Turks – Girl Can Help It
The Misfits – Where Eagles Dare
Nova Express – Bag of Monsters
Rocket From The Crypt – On A Rope
The Short Fuses – Maria
Truth In Needles – One Uno Ichi
Mike Edison – GG Allin Died Last Night
Stiff Little Fingers – Tin Soldiers
The Clash – Capital Radio One
Clear – Hook for Rent
The Del Stars – 400 Hawaiian Shirts

Tommy Unit LIVE!! #3 – August 8, 2010

Co-hosted by F-Units’ Scotty B so we went for 2 hours!
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The Cowslingers – One Piece at a Time
The Dickies – Manny, Moe and Jack
DGeneration – No Way Out
The Dents – Better Off
The Methadones – TV World
Tall Black Girls – Sea Horse
Toilet Boys – Saturday Night
Greg Hoy – (She’s Gonna) Firebomb the Track
Towers of London – I’m a Rat
F-Units – Alone In Babylon
Screamin’ J Hawkins – Potluck
The Choke – Murder at the Arcade
The Hellacopters – Hopeless Case of a Kid in Denial
The Dictators – Pussy & Money
Chixdiggit – Where’s Your Mom
Bamboo Kids – Caught in New York City
Screeching Weasel – This Buds for Me
The Donnas – Pass It Around
The Riverdales – Judy Go Home
The Lordz – Outlaw
The Crucifucks – Democracy Spawns Bad Taste
Dash Rip Rock – Pussywhipped
The Chezwicks – (You’re Giving Me) The Shakes
The Offspring – You’re Gonna Go Far Kid
Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper – Jesus at McDonald’s
F-Units – I Wanna Destroy You
The Fluid – Black Glove
6X – What Can I Do?
Batallion of Saints – Ace of Spades
The Queers – Punk Rock Girls
Turbonegro – Rendezvous with Anus
The Kowalskis – Career Barbie
Jeff Dahl – Cherry Bomb
Nashville Pussy – She’s got the Drugs
Travoltas – Endless Summer
Backyard Babies – The Clash

Tommy Unit LIVE!! #2 – August 1, 2010

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The Bent Scepters – Shalako
The Ramones – Do You Reember Rock’n’Roll Radio?
The Real Kids – All Kindsa Girls
The Supersuckers – Coattail rider
The Lazy Cowgirls – Losin’ Your Mind
The Short Fuses – Devastator
The Cramps – Human Fly
Social Distortion – She’s a Knockout
The Dents – One More Time
Blondie – Livin’ In The Real World
F-Units – Mockstar
Turbo AC’s – Fired Up
Exploding White Mice – Let The Kids Dance
New Bomb Turks – Automatic Teller
Glucifer – My Card Syas Typhoon Killer
Boss Martians – I Am Your Radio
The Del Stars – Ho Dad’s Rule!
Bad Religion – I Give You Nothing
Mr. T Experience – I Fell For You

Tommy Unit LIVE!! #1 – July 25, 2010

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F-Units – Psycho Urgency
The Methadones – Antidote
Turbonegro – Good Head
The Mono Men – I Don’t Care
The Clash – Complete Control
Nashville Pussy – Rock’n’Roll Outlaw
Reagan Youth – Degenerated
The Supersuckers – How To Maximize Your Kill
X – Under The Big Black Sun
The Sonics – Witch
The Chezwicks – Be Mine Or Die
Total Passover – Shower Door
Dictators – Avenue A
Crimpshrine – In My Mind
Backyard Babies – Song For The Outcast
The Humpers – Freak Magnet
Zeke – Twisted
The Replacements – Takin’ A Ride
Blondie – X-Offender